Household insects

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Household insects

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Household insects:
Most of the fevers that humans contract are caused by microorganisms that are transmitted by household insects ... And people generally use the word insect

To include not just real insects, six-legged creatures such as flies,

Fleas, mosquitoes, lice, and beetles - but also eight-legged creatures such as moths and ticks.Scientists list all of these under the most comprehensive branch, the Division of Arthropods - the largest branch of the animal world - which includes at least a million known species ...

Of course, there are insects that bother humans and animals with their painful stings or just because of their presence

In large numbers, some also damage crops, but the worst of them are insects

Which spreads disease and death.There is information that insect-borne diseases caused people to become sick and die more than all other causes combined, from the 17th century until the early 20th century. ''

How do household insects transmit diseases to humans?
Insects transmit diseases in two ways, the first is external transmission, so exactly as they carry

People take dirt home with their dirty shoes. “Flies can be carried on

Its feet are millions of microscopic organisms that cause disease, if their quantities are large

Enough », says the Encyclopedia Britannica. The flies may pick up the harmful organisms

From feces, for example, and transmits it when it lands on our food or drink.In this way, humans are infected

With debilitating and fatal diseases such as typhoid, dysentery, and cholera.Flies also contribute to the spread of trachoma - the main cause of blindness in the world.Trachoma blinds a person by scratching the cornea - the transparent part of the eye in front of the iris. Balawi about 500,000,000 people.

Cockroaches, which breed in filth, are also believed to transmit diseases in the same way.In addition, experts link the recent sharp rise in asthma cases, especially among children, with sensitivity to cockroaches.

And when insects hide viruses, bacteria, or parasites inside their bodies,

It can spread disease in a second way - by transmitting it by sting or otherwise. But only a small percentage of insects transmit disease to humans in this way.For example, although there are thousands of species of mosquitoes, only aesthetic mosquitoes transmit malaria It is the most infectious disease causing death in the world
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