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Welcome to the UoLEPS message boards.

I have created these boards in response to the survey results, a short wrap up of which can be found here:

https://web.microsoftstream.com/video/8 ... e62bcca011

The aim of these boards is to give you a chance to connect with each other and discuss academic and non-academic topics and just generally try to connect during this year.

Consider coming along to the following events:

Tuesday 10th November - 18:00 GMT - Dominion Games Night - An amazing card game free to play online. Come connect with peers in EPS, learn to play the game and have fun on Zoom or Discord!
Join the event: https://universityofleeds.zoom.us/j/876 ... YzWmxqUT09
Learn to play the game here if you want to do so before: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HGnwIlCn0EQ

Wednesday 11th November - 16:00 GMT - EPS Quiz Night - A 1.5 hour quiz, you will be randomly assigned teams if you join the Zoom or make your own meetings on TEAMS and play along on Twitch!
Join the event: https://universityofleeds.zoom.us/j/823 ... JPRFpYQT09

If you already have a team make sure you're watching along on:

Thursday 12th November - 11:00 am GMT - Becoming a Digital Host - A brief run through of free technology you can use to host digital events with some demonstrations.
Join the event: https://universityofleeds.zoom.us/j/898 ... haM0lSQT09

Thursday 12th November - 13:00 - Turning on your camera - Getting used to interacting with others online. Come along and get comfortable with interacting with others online by playing silly games. All games are optional, you can just spectate, too.
Join the event: https://universityofleeds.zoom.us/j/832 ... FkUXkyQT09
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